Even if we use organic lambs wool from germany which ensures that all the sheeps are in good conditions, we also love to do products without any material from animals. Here you will find all of our beloved Vegan products. Also our levely grey geese are made in a vegan version.
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Cuddly animal Goose large | grey
Item No. Y21037 Soon available
€ 73,11 Not available
Cuddly animal Goose small | grey
Item No. Y21038 Soon available
€ 48,74 Not available
Cuddly Animal Seagull, large
Item No. Y21043 In stock
€ 73,11
Cuddly Animal Seagull, small
Item No. Y21044 Soon available
€ 48,74 Not available
Pure Nature Animal Camel
Item No. Y21201 In stock
€ 11,70
Pure Nature Animal Giraffe
Item No. Y21202 Low stock
€ 19,50
Pure Nature Animal Rhino
Item No. Y21203 In stock
€ 11,70
Pure Nature Animal Horse
Item No. Y21204 Low stock
€ 11,69
Pure Nature Animal Dog
Item No. Y21205 In stock
€ 11,69

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