Faithful companions
for life

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Faithful companions
for life

Our highlights

SENGER x JUPITERMOND  It‘s a match ♥️ 

It is the common values that have brought us together: Sustainability, high ecological standards and the desire to give children something valuable to take with them on their way.

For the book "Cherry Pit Moon" by Vivien Thieringer @poppybird_ and Stella Eich @stella_eich you get the matching plush cherry pit moon!! As a bundle with the book, it makes a wonderful gift for birthdays and Christmas, for the start of school, for births, or simply to show more understanding for the thoughts and feelings of children during evening reading time.

Cuddly animal Cherry pit Moon


Buch | Kirschkernmond


Timeless, natural design

Predominantly native animals are role models for our friends for life. Some of the animals play an important role in fairy tales and thus have certain human characteristics and functions in our imagination and also in the imagination of children.

The face forms the soul of the cuddly toy. Every little eye, every little mouth, every nose is individually embroidered by hand. For the right expression you need a lot of practice and even more feeling.

Our animals

Selected materials
for lifelong companions

Good, robust - and due to the intensive physical closeness, pollution-free - quality of the materials are certainly a guarantee for a long-lasting relationship.
Therefore, when selecting our materials, we pay particular attention to their origin in Germany.


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